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We take care of everything. Your turnkey solution.
Already more than 600 spiral staircases installed.

Before any sale, we study the various possibilities of setting-up according to your needs and according to the constraints of your place.


Main courante en noyer

Escalien en Colimaçon tournant à gauche

We propose you free of charge a plan of setting-up accompanying a detailed estimate, establish according to the available staircases in our stock which correspond to your project.
Occasionally, we work in perfect collaboration with the architect or the decorator in charge of your construction site.


Menuiserie Escalier Lachaux

Most of the time our customers ask for a turnkey solution, that is a staircase restored and adapted to your project, with its accessories (landing, etc. ..) its delivery and its installation. So you have to worry about nothing.
If the staircase serves a mezzanine, we realize on request the guard body of the mezzanine in the continuity of the staircase, and with the same balusters for a perfect esthetic unity.

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